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What’s the USP Bar

Easily add a USP Bar to your online shop pages. Configure it differently categories, custom URLs or page types like product pages or the cart page. With only one click.
The Texts, colors, shapes and the whole styling is freely configurable.

Genius Online Shop Features
Only 1 Click Away

This is Recolize!
Integrate countless online shop features with only one click. Add e.g. product labels, a USP bar, personalized recommendations, cross-sells and bestsellers – delivered from the cloud. Without any developer resources needed and instantly usable! And get the best personal enterprise support without any additional costs. No matter which size your package is.

We’ve Put All Our Experience
From Projects Into Recolize

We have over 30 years of e-commerce experience as technical project owners – the missing link between product owners and developers – and always faced the same issues. Either the developers have no resources left and important requirements and features get never developed (e.g. in relaunches, but also in the daily business). Or the features get developed and after a long development time don’t meet the expectations of the product owner. The result: all sides are dissatisfied.
The solution: Recolize’s genius online shop features only 1 click away.

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In September 2019 our new story begins! Subscribe now and be one of the first customers who can use the Recolize Genius Online Shop USP Bar.

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