You are completely free to position the recommendation widgets wherever you want. Out of the box for most systems like Shopify and Magento we have a default set of positions like e.g. on the product detail page, in cart and on checkout success page.

The position of the recommendation widgets is determined by the configured CSS selectors in our Recolize tool.

Every widget is a new line in the configuration section. You can use all the available css selectors as e.g. documented here.

We assume a configuration as follows:
.main-content .recommendations

In this case the recommendation widgets will be displayed for every HTML element that matches “.main-content .recommendations” and “.footer”.
Let’s assume that there are 2 positions matching those selectors on your website. Then the first match gets the position 1 and the second one position 2 for the recommendation configuration.

How can I control the position that the recommendations widgets will be displayed?