The Power of Real Individual Recommendations

Many e-commerce, blog and CMS systems offer so-called recommendations. These recommendations for systems like Magento, Shopware, WooCommerce, WordPress, PrestaShop or Spryker are manual recommendations.

You can e.g. use category based recommendations or simple upselling logics for your cart.

But are manual recommendations enough and can they really be compared to real automated and personalized recommendations? Not at all!

The Difference

There are three main differences between manual and individual recommendations:

  1. Manual recommendations are static or attribute based. Personal recommendations are user behaviour based.
  2. Manual recommendations look the same for every website visitor. Individual recommendations show the suggestions based on personal user profiles.
  3. Manual recommendations require lots of maintenance effort. Individual recommendations use machine learning technologies and learn automatically to generate perfect matching recommendations.

Feature Comparison

In the following table you can find a comparison of the features of a real recommendation engine like Recolize with manual recommendations.

Feature wdt_ID Recolize Manual Recommendations
Manual Recommendations 1
Cross-Sells based on Attributes (e.g. Category) 2
Basic Upselling 3
Advanced Personalized Upselling 4
Personalized Individual Recommendations 5
Automated Personalized Cross-Sells 6
Enhanced Filter Rules 7
Realtime Dashboard 8
URL-based Rules 9
Integration on Every Page Type 10


One main aspect we have to discuss with nearly every customer: how to guarantee, that the automated individual recommendations perform better than manual one?

Of course there’s no guarantee and no general receipt for all kinds of products and use-cases. But we can rely on a huge experience in the personalization market:

Benefits of Personalization

As you can see: conversion rates and customer experience are hugely improved by real personalization.


Compared to manual recommendations, individual recommendations deliver much better results. The logics behind personalized individual recommendations are complex and makes it possible to really suggest individual content. And individual content completely outperformes manual content. But let the numbers speak:

If you compare the revenue share of manual recommendations with the one of automated individual recommendations, you can see, that the recommendation revenue share is positively influenced 3 times as high with personalized recommendations.


Also the click rate is doubled with individual recommendations. Many websites use both: manual and individual recommendations. Very often the manual recommendations are displayed at first, because the website owners are not sure regarding the performance of individual recommendations. This even influences the click rate of individual recommendations negatively, so we’re talking of more the 3 %.

Choose the Right Recommendation Engine

Individual content is a very important topic nowadays. But lots of tools out there are only working with a huge amount of traffic, have high setup costs or are complex to integrate.

Not Recolize: we want to convince you by performance. Usable for every website or online shop of any size, with no setup costs and a 2-click integration. And premium support for free.

Yes, you can start with personalization today, give us the chance to outperform your manual logics without any integration effort for you.

MichaelThe Power of Real Individual Recommendations
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8 Important Personalization Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

When you think of personalization you also think of a perfect customer journey, beautiful looking recommendation widgets and the best matching articles? Of course you do. But when it comes to results and to the marketing and sales department, they just care of the numbers.

Here are 8 important personalization key performance indicators you have to track daily.

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7 Recommendation Positions You‘ve Never Thought Of Before

Did you ever have the time to really think about personalization on your website? We all have much too less time. But personalization is so extremely important, you should really do so!

With this article we help you to find 7 recommendation positions for personalized content you didn’t even recognize before.

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How To Integrate Recolize With Google Tag Manager?

One of the key features of Recolize is flexibility:

  • System independent: no matter if Magento 1, Magento 2, Drupal, TYPO3, WordPress, PrestaShop, Shopify or custom website. Visit also our integrations page for more information.
  • Content independent: no matter if products, blog articles, CMS pages or news.
  • Display everywhere: display as many widgets as you want to on every page you can think of. Easily configurable in the Recolize Tool.

For some systems we have standard plugins. But Recolize is also extremely easy integrable with Google Tag Manager.

  Of course you can use this integration guide also for a direct integration into your website or into other tag managers.

MichaelHow To Integrate Recolize With Google Tag Manager?
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How to Build an Alexa Skill for your Online Shop with Recolize in 15 Minutes?

Building an Alexa Skill is very easy if you combine it with Recolize personalized product recommendations. In the following I will describe the required steps and during the course of this blog post we will develop a sample skill that you can use as a starting point for your individual skill. The sample skill is available on our Github account.

We will create a so-called Custom Alexa Skill that will be able to simply answer the question “Alexa, open Recolize and ask what can you recommend to me today?” or “Alexa, open Recolize and ask what is the recommendation for today?“.
Therefore we need the Skill definition and additionally a AWS Lambda function that will trigger our Recolize recommendation API. The beauty of AWS Lambda is that you do not need to provision any servers but the so-called serverless framework will only be active if someone asks Alexa to trigger your skill. For more information on AWS Lambda functions see the official documentation.

We use the official Ask CLI commands to easily deploy both the skill itself as well as the Lambda function that will call the Recolize API.

ChrisHow to Build an Alexa Skill for your Online Shop with Recolize in 15 Minutes?
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3 Steps On the Way to the Perfect Title for Recommendations

Are you also bored by standard Amazon-like personalization titles like „You may also like“? Yes, of course, that’s a standard recommendation title everyone expects in online shops, but maybe a non-standard title is more surprising and will attract more customers?

In the following you’ll get a receipt to find out the perfect recommendation title for exactly your use case.

Michael3 Steps On the Way to the Perfect Title for Recommendations
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