7.0.0: A Refreshed Look for our Tool
7.0.0: A Refreshed Look for our Tool

With our new version 7.0.0 – released on 2020-11-11 – we have completely refreshed the look’n’feel of our Recolize Tool. Originally being developed in 2015 it was more than time to update the design, fonts, navigation, cookie consent and loading behaviour and there is more to come within the next releases.

We’re keen to know how do you like the refresh? Take a look and send us your feedback!

6.3.0: Improved Workflow for New Users

With our latest update to version 6.3.0 we have made our Shopify application compatible with the latest Shopify API changes, fixed an issue with the “Current Category” filter and most importantly optimized the workflow for welcoming our new customers.

6.1.0: Many small improvements

With our latest release we further optimized the loading effect of our recommendation carousel to avoid any flickering, removed the need for an external css style sheet resource and drastically improved the performance of the All Item data pool with lots of products.

In addition we fixed an issue with multiple recommendation widgets in email recommendations redirecting to home instead of product detail page as well as an issue with certain product attributes in combination with the filter “is one of”.

6.0.0: Genius Features for Your Online Shop

This release sets the base for providing you outstanding new features for every online shop like cookie consent, product labels, USP bars and much more that you should not miss.
Contact us if you want to use one of these!

Additionally we fixed an issue with our Shopify integration.

5.6.0: More Flexibility for Email Recommendations

New Year, new Release! With our brand-new version 5.6.0 we provide you with more flexibility to customize the layout of the email recommendations. You can now show any content or attribute from your article feed in your newsletters.

5.5.0: New Filter Features

Our release frequency in December is at its peak ūüôā With our latest version 5.5.0 we have shipped several improvements to our almighty filters. Next to several bug fixes you have now the 3 additional operators

  • not contains
  • is not one of
  • not contains one of

This gives you even more flexibility by choosing the right products for the right people.

5.4.0: Choose number of recommended items

With our fresh release 5.4.0 it is now possible to configure the number of maximum recommended items per each recommendation configuration which allows for greater flexibility e.g. for showing simple recommendation lists.

5.3.0: Configuration made easier
5.3.0: Configuration made easier

This brand-new release brings you two useful enhancements for the recommendation configuration in the Recolize Tool:

On the one hand the recommendation list got a major upgrade so you can now sort, filter, search and paginate the configurations easily. Additionally also the data pool is displayed directly in the list.

On the other hand there is a new field on the recommendation configuration called “internal label” that you can use to distinguish different recommendation configurations, e.g. for 2 rules with the same title or just to add some useful information for your colleagues. This field cannot be seen by the end user of the recommendations and is only for display within the Recolize Tool.

5.2.0: New configuration to exclude product doubling

With a new introduced configuration it is now easily possible to configure individually per each carousel, if articles in multiple recommendation widgets on the same page may be recommended twice or if every product can only occur once on each page.

4.10.0: More filter operators for your custom feed attributes

Custom attributes in your article feed can now use also the comparison operators >, >=, <, <= to allow for more flexible filter rules.

4.9.0: Fancy Notifications in the Recolize Tool
4.9.0: Fancy Notifications in the Recolize Tool

We have improved the notifications in our Recolize Tool so that you now see the news about your recommendations more easily.

4.8.0: Recommendation Delivery Improvements

We have improved the display of the recommendations to assure that the recommended items will always be delivered. Additionally we have fixed an issue with links redirecting to the home page for email recommendations in Outlook.

4.7.0: Improved User Identification for Email and Web Recommendations

We have improved the user identification mechanism to better combine email and web recommendations. Additionally we made our release quality checks even better.

4.6.0: Improved Domain Select in Tool

We have improved the domain select in our Recolize Tool to fix a bug in Google Chrome and added a new filter for Email Recommendations.

4.5.0: Improved Phone Number Entry
Phone Number Input

The phone number input in the password reset and account activation forms in the Recolize Tool are now more handy.

4.4.0: More Intuitive Buttons

The buttons in our Recolize Tool now behave much more intuitive and we also made some bugfixes for the new email recommendations feature.

4.3.0: New Context Filters
User Group Context Filter

Another new release, another new features: our extensive filtering configuration in the Recolize Tool now also allows for context filters. Therewith you can e.g. create recommendation rules especially for people that are older than 18 or male or for sunny weather, and so on.

Have a look at our FAQ article How to use Context Filters to improve fashion recommendations for the chosen size of the user (or any other attribute)?

4.2.0: New Feature Email Recommendations
Recolize Launches Email Recommendations

Big, big milestone for us: next to our web recommendations you can now use personalized product recommendations with Recolize also in your newsletters and transactional emails. Please see also our blog article Recolize Launches Exciting New Feature: Email Recommendations and the FAQ Is Recolize Usable in Emails?

4.1.0: Some Shopify Improvements

We made some optimizations to the Shopify process for accepting the recurring application charge.

4.0.0: Preparations for Upcoming Big Feature Launch

Psst, we made some preparations for our next big feature launch. But we can only tell you that it will be something big..

3.9.0: Cookie Opt-Out

Our customers can now offer their users the possibility to opt-out of the Recolize Cookie in order to be compliant with the new GDPR. For more information please see our FAQ How to integrate the Recolize Opt-out?

3.8.0: Dashboard Optimizations

We made some improvements to the performance of the Recolize Tool Dashboard for you.

3.7.0: New Chat Widget

As we are the personalization experts, you should also have the possibility to contact us anytime if you have any questions. That’s why now we have introduced a chat widget on the bottom right on our website and in the Recolize Tool.

3.6.0: Improved Carousel Price Display

We improved the price display in the Recolize carousel to display special prices very nicely.

3.5.0: Nice Telephone Input

During setup we now kindly ask you for your telephone number in order to be able to call you for easier onboarding.

3.4.0: Demo Data For Local Domains

We now gracefully import demo data if your domain configuration contains a localhost domain, so that even in that case you are able to use Recolize.

3.3.0: Custom JavaScript

Custom JavaScript can now directly be configured in the domain configuration in our Recolize Tool. One step further to get independant of your developers.

3.2.0: PrestaShop Integration is Here

Lots of coding hours later now our integration for the E-Commerce system PrestaShop is ready. And the best thing is, together with the installation of the PrestaShop module via the backoffice all the Recolize configuration is done automatically.

3.1.0: Cool New Domain Features

We added some cool new features to the domain configuration page in the Recolize Tool, like configuring the currency format, custom JavaScript code and improved the inline help texts.

3.0.0: Email Notifications

Another huge milestone: we can now notify you via email if e.g. something with the import of your product feed or with delivering the recommendations went wrong.

2.9.4: WooCommerce Integration
2.9.4: WooCommerce Integration

Wooho, we now also support WooCommerce with our Recolize WordPress Extension and the appropriate WooCommerce RSS product feed.

2.9.0: All Items Data Pool and Domain-Overlapping Recommendations
Domain-Overlapping Recommendations Configuration

Due to high demand by our customers, we now have a new data pool called “All Items” with that you can generate static product carousels. Please find more information in our FAQ article¬†Which recommendation algorithms are supported?

Another new, outstanding feature are the domain-overlapping recommendations. Therewith you are now able to integrate product recommendations on your shop and in your blog and share the tracked data to generate even better recommendations.

2.8.0: New Dashboard KPIs
Realtime Data in Dashboard View

Huge update for our Recolize Tool realtime dashboard: lots of additional KPIs and a much nicer presentation.

2.7.0: Easier Shopify Setup

We made the Shopify integration even simpler by automatically importing your products.

2.6.2: Findologic Feed Support

Our support for different product feed formats is growing and growing: now we are also able to automatically import Findologic feeds.

2.6.0: Shopify Integration

Aaaand.. another shop system can now use the Plug & Play Personalization by Recolize: Shopify. To install the Recolize Shopify App in your Shopify Store just install the App via the Marketplace.

2.5.8: Tracking Parameters Available

You now integrate tracking parameters for external analytics system like Google Analytics or Econda. Please contact us for more information.

2.5.3: Password-Protected Feeds Now Supported

Username and password in the product feed url is now supported as well. This is useful if you e.g. have some test or staging domains where you want to test Recolize product recommendations first. Please find more information about this in the inline help in our Recolize Tool on the domain configuration page.

2.5.1: Domain CSS Styles

You can now add your custom CSS styles directly on the domain configuration within the Recolize Tool.

2.5.0: New Data Pools and Wishlist Tracking

If a user adds something to his shop wishlist, this action now also influences the generated product recommendations.

Another awesome feature is our new data pools for bestsellers and last viewed items. For more information please see our FAQ post Which recommendation algorithms are supported?.

2.4.0: Faster Recommendations

We achieved another huge performance improvement to deliver the recommendations even faster!

2.3.0: Subdomain Handling

We can now handle multiple (sub-)domains within the same domain configuration in the Recolize Tool.

2.2.0: JSON API

Next to our wonderful default carousel style we now also have a JSON API!

2.1.11: Carousel Parameters
2.1.11: Carousel Parameters

The design of the default Recolize carousel layout can now be customized with the RecolizeParameters variable.

Please find more information in our FAQ article.

2.1.10: RSS Feed Improvements

We improved the RSS product feed import by interpreting enclosure tags.

2.1.7: Ignoring SSL Errors

When importing the product feed we now ignore if there are any SSL errors while fetching the feed.

2.1.5: Multi-Currency Support

Recolize can now import product feeds with currency information. Also we made some improvements for the performance of the recommendations.

2.1.2: New :after CSS Selector

Yes, we have a new CSS selector for placing the recommendation widgets even more flexible on your website:


You can find more information about the CSS selectors for positioning the recommendations in our FAQ.

2.1.0: Magento 1 Product Feeds
2.1.0: Magento 1 Product Feeds

With this version we now can import Magento 1 product feeds and the translations for our German readers have been optimized.

2.0.0: The World Sees Our New Product
2.0.0: The World Sees Our New Product

After countless hours of codings sessions and discussions, blood, sweat and tears, we released the first version of our Software-as-a-Service Recolize. It is named 2.0.0 because we built this on top of our previous product: a recommendation extension solely for Magento 1.

For details see also our blog post We are live: Recolize Recommendation Engine.