This is no problem at all. You can add as many development, test and staging environments as you need to. Completely for free.

Just add additional domains in the Recolize Tool under “Domains”.

If you have a publicly reachable product feed for you development environment, then add it to your new domain. If not, no problem at all: enter the domain of your local development environment as feed url. We will import a demo feed then and you can completely integrate Recolize by using the demo products.

And if your test- and staging systems are password protected, then check out this FAQ. It explains, how to add a password protected feed url to your domain.

And the best: configure your recommendation rules beginning with the URL placeholder “*/”. Then the rules will also match for all your development, test and staging environments, you don’t have to configure these rules multiple times and you can really test the rules equally in all environments.

Can I use Recolize in my development, test and staging environments?