Our default mobile-optimized carousel layout was built as a result of a series of tests with many users as it proved the best conversion rates and adoption among different layouts, devices and users.

In case you want to style the recommendations yourself we can also deliver a simple item list.
Therefore you just have to set the following two configurations:

    1. Go to your domain in the Recolize Tool and in “Advanced Configuration” add the following CSS code:
      .recolizeRecommendationContainer .recolizeCarousel {
          display: block;
    2. The second step is to the add the following additional JavaScript code also on the domain configuration page:
      Recolize.Recommendation.Design.Carousel.initialize = function (position, viewId, element) { return this; }

The result is a simple list that can then afterwards easily be styled via CSS as described in this FAQ article.

In case you want to modify the layout of the carousel please also see our FAQ article on how to change the number of items displayed.

How can I change the carousel layout to a simple list?