What are Product Labels?

Product labels or badges are litte icons that lay over a product in a product list, product pages, the cart – simply everywhere where a product is displayed. With the product label the product is marked as a special product e.g. for a sale. The icon tells the customers to pay special attention to these products.

Why Product Labels?

If you have a mass of products (e.g. more than 500) it is always difficult for the customers to differentiate and to find the right one. Product labels help the customers to pick products based on specific characteristics: e.g. it is cheaper today or it has a special feature.

Product Label Examples

  • Sale product label
  • New product label
  • Discount percentage product label
  • Special feature product label
  • Already bought product label
  • Sold out product label

Out-of-the-box Product Labels

The following default product labels are available out-of-the-box within Recolize without additional configuration needed.
Of course you can freely define colors, shapes and texts.

New Product Label for New Products

Display a new product label if the product is new. You simply define the rule what means “new” for you. E.g. if a product was activated in the last 2 weeks.

Sale Product Label for Sale Products

Add a sale product label to every product in sale. If the special price of a product is less than the regular price, then this badge will be displayed.

Discount Percentage Product Label

Display the percentage of the sale discount as product label. The amount is automatically calculated by comparing the discount price to the original price of the product.

How Does It Work?

Only 1 click sounds really great. But how does it work?

You simply configure

  1. your domain in our tool
  2. and the default product labels are already displayed automatically.
  3. That’s already it!

Optionally, you can

  1. define which product label to use and not to use,
  2. where to display them (e.g. on category and product pages)
  3. and how they look in colors, texts and shapes.

Product Labels Features

  • Combine Multiple Product Labels

    A product can be new and in sale at the same time. You can define rules for these cases which product label will then be preferred.

  • Responsive

    All product labels are perfectly displayed on all kinds of devices. No matter if tv screen, desktop, tablet or mobile.

  • Individual Design

    The whole design of the product labels is freely configurable: the shape, font, texts and colors are completely definable. You can even add your own CSS.

  • Free Positioning

    You define where to display the product labels. By default badges are displayed everywhere where a product is displayed. But you want to e.g. remove them for the cart page? This is easily configurable.

  • Hide Product Labels

    You can also hide product labels based on configurable rules. E.g. don’t display a product label if the sale discount is higher than 50 %.

  • Create Your Own

    Create your own product labels in the Recolize Tool. Define everything from the calculation rule based on product attributes to the color of the badge and where to display it

Product Labels