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300 clicks inclusive every month.

Then only 0.039 € per click.

You only pay if a customer clicks on one of the recommendations generated by us.

  • No risk: you only pay for the actually clicked recommendations.
  • Simple registration: you don’t need to enter payment data.
  • Easy billing: on the base of clicks with the help of a simple website tracking.
  • Free monthly usage: no further commitments.

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What does Recolize cost for me?

Blogs, CMS, online shops and any other systems

With the following assumptions you have the costs listed below for e.g. your WordPress-Blog or your shop system.
Assumption: 1% of your visitors click on a generated recommendation.

Very Small Small Medium Large
Page views per month 21,239 124,190 601,964 2,433,655
Clicks per month 212 1,241 6,019 24,336
Billed clicks
(minus 300 free clicks per month)
0 941 5,719 24,036
Estimated costs per month 0.00 Euro 36.70 Euro 223.04 Euro 937.40 Euro

The calculated prices just show exemplary values and are no fixed price. The actual price depends on the performance of your recommendations.

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Improve your customer relations and conversion rates by offering personalized recommendations on your website. With Recolize you profit by our innovative recommendation technology with an easy-to-use tool adapted to your requirements. We are committed to a fair customer relationship where especially small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from. We only charge you by the clicks that are performed on our generated recommendations. Moreover the first 300 clicks are completely free of charge each month. Additional clicks are billed by 0.039 €.

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