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With our customer HALLHUBER we support a very unique fashion company in Germany. For the stylish HALLHUBER online shop based on Magento Enterprise we optimize the conversions and the revenue on the product detail page, on the search page and on the cart page in six countries and four different languages.

Dr. Astrid Jagenberg, Director Marketing & Online Sales of Hallhuber GmbH, forsees huge potential in the online business: “We assume that we can increase our share on the total revenue through constant optimizations of the recommendations significantly.”

Dr. Astrid Jagenberg



Conversion Rate


% Revenue Share


% Revenue Increase

Features in Use

  • Personalized Recommendations

    Personalized Recommendations on the product detail page, on catalog and search result pages, on error pages, in the wishlist, in the cart and on the order success page.

  • Last Viewed Products

    Last viewed products on the product details pages and on error pages help users with the orientation in the online shop.

  • 7 Recolize Domains

    7 different stores in 6 countries and 4 languages.

  • Individual Filter Rules

    Over 60 unique URL based filter rules for the recommendations in the different stores for e.g. the cart and the product detail pages.

  • Fully Responsive

    The recommendations are displayed fully responsive on all devices: desktop, tablets and smartphones.

  • Over 2,5 Million Recommendations Widgets Each Month

    Over 2,5 million individual recommendation widgets are displayed to the HALLHUBER customers each month,

The HALLHUBER GmbH has been founded in 1977 in Munich and is today one of the most well-known vertical fashion companys in Germany. HALLHUBER offers unique Ready-to-Wear Articles as well as shoes and accessories for fashion-enthusiastic women. The design team lead by Susanne Hallhuber has an international network and is creating 25 collections each year with lots of love for the details – oriented by the spirit of the time. The HALLHUBER world consists of 2 brands: HALLHUBER and HALLHUBER DONNA.

HALLHUBER is selling its collections in nine countries exclusively via 312 proprietary stores, concessions and shop in shops (as of the end of July 2016). Furthermore the collections are available in six countries via the HALLHUBER online shop. In trading year 2015 the revenue was 156 million Euro. Since February 2015 HALLHUBER belongs to the fashion and lifestyle corporate group GERRY WEBER International AG based in Halle (Westfalen, Germany).


HALLHUBER Counts On Recolize Recommendation Engine