Back´s zu Hause – Magento Shop for Fresh Bakery Products in Highest Quality



The family enterprise Resch&Frisch stands for tasty bakery products which are at all times freshly available. Products range from bread to pastries, sweet dishes and confectionery products, and also pizza and snacks. The products are created with love from high quality raw materials which are delivered by 350 Austrian contract farmers.

With the sales channel Back’s Zuhause 170,000 households in Austria and parts of Bavaria are regularly supplied with deep-frozen products. These orders are partially managed by the online shop – over 70,000 orders in 2016.

With the help of the Recolize Recommendation Engine the offering of bakery products in the Magento online shop gets enriched by product recommendations from customers to customers and personal recommendations. Hence the variety of products can be presented in an optimal way.

At Resch&Frisch we profit from the easy handling of the Recolize Recommendation Engine and the high quality of the product recommendations.

Mag. Eva Ertl



Recolize conversions per day


Conversion rate over recommendations

Used Features

  • Cart Personalization

    Personalized recommendations in the mini cart and in the cart as perfect upselling positions.

  • Personalized Recommendations

    Personlized recommendations on the product detail page, on catalog and search result pages, on error pages and on the checkout success page.

  • Last Viewed Products

    Last viewed products on the product detail pages and on error pages help the users to orientate themselves in the online shop.

  • Exclusion of Products

    With various filter rules products get excluded dependent on the season or on marketing activities.

  • Responsive

    The Recommendations are displayed on all kinds of devices: desktops, tablets and smartphones.

  • 3 Recolize Domains

    3 Recolize domains for Austria and Germany

The brand Resch&Frisch became a synonym for fresh bakery products: tasty, fresh pastries, anytime available around the clock, at home, in gastronomy and in their bakery cafés. As Austrian family enterprise they focus on comprehensible, regional raw materials and their love to handcraft.

Resch&Frisch Uses the Recolize Recommendation Engine