By default Recolize generates personalized product recommendations, i.e. they are automatically calculated to be the best products for the individual visitor. This works right from the start, that means after the installation you do not have to do anything for this to work.
But of course there are several ways you can influence the recommended items to be able to show pre-defined ones:

1. Go to My Recommendations > Add New Recommendation and configure a new recommendation configuration. Under point “5. Please Choose a Data Pool” you can choose between various options for the data pool:

  1. Personalized (User-to-User): Automatically calculate the individual recommendations for your visitors based on other visitors. This is the default setting.
  2. Cross-Sells (Item-to-Item): Automatically calculate the individual recommendations based on the current item.
  3. Bestseller
  4. Last Viewed Items
  5. All Items: This data pool allows static item lists by additionally defining filters. Please select this one.

2. Now you can define the item filters under point “4. Please Define Your Filters”. For example you can limit the static item pool to certain SKUs or items with a price below 10 Euro and something like that.

Please note:
The number of shown articles in our carousel is currently set to 10 because we have made several experiments with our customers and this proved to be the ideal size.

How can I show pre-defined items in the Recolize carousels?