Can I add ratings or other elements to my recommendations?

Yes, of course. You can use our success callback to do so:

var RecolizeParameters = RecolizeParameters || {};<br />
RecolizeParameters.Api = RecolizeParameters.Api || {};<br />
RecolizeParameters.Api.successCallback = function(resultObject) {<br />
Recolize.Recommendation.Api.render(resultObject);<br />
/***** ADD YOUR CODE HERE *****/<br />
<div class="rating-box"></div>
<p>");<br />
Can I show banners in the Recolize carousel instead of products?

Yes, this is possible as Recolize works content-independent. So basically you can recommend products, articles, banners and anything else. You can also arbitrary combine these elements.

All you have to do is provide us an item feed that contains your banners and links. So you have to generate a CSV feed on your side that matches the specification that is described in our FAQ here.

In that CSV feed you just put your URLs for the images and the URLs for the links and a title (which can also be hidden in frontend via CSS) and you’re done. Now you can enter that generated feed url into our Recolize tool.