If the images in the Recolize carousels are not shown, the most likely reason is that the images are no longer available at the URLs that you have provided in the Recolize product feed. Depending on your system there are several points to check.


Possible causes in Magento are

  • the image cache has been manually flushed in the Magento backend
  • the Magento cron job is not running (any more)
  • the PHP memory limit for the process of the thumbnail generation has been reached

As a solution the product feed in Magento has to be regenerated and the import has been triggered in the Recolize tool. See our appropriate FAQ article.

If the Magento cron job is running correctly the Recolize Feed is generated daily and imported into Recolize, i.e. at the latest on the next day the problem is also solved automatically.

If the problem persists it has to be checked if the PHP memory limit is sufficent and increase the appropriate value accordingly (PHP setting memory_limit).

Images in the carousel are not displayed, what can I do?