How can I include images into the WordPress RSS feed?

Our Recolize WordPress plugin does out-of-the-box include article images into the default WordPress RSS feed.

The WordPress RSS feed url is e.g.

How can I integrate Recolize product recommendations into my WooCommerce shop?

Integrating personalized product recommendations generated by Recolize into your WooCommerce shop is very easy.
You just need to complete the following steps:

  1. Install the Recolize plugin for WordPress
  2. Register a Recolize account on
  3. In the Recolize tool create a new domain with your WooCommerce shop url and add the following feed URL: (of course you have to replace the domain with your shop domain)
  4. After saving the domain please copy the generated JavaScript snippet into the appropriate textbox in the Recolize settings of your WordPress installation.
  5. In the Recolize tool on your created domain add these CSS selectors (for the default WooCommerce storefront, this may vary on your chosen theme):
  6. Finally the Recolize conversion tracking pixel has to be integrated into your order success page. There see our FAQ for the conversion pixel integration.
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