What is Cookie Consent?

The cookie consent is a layer, which is obligatory für every European website. Every website owner has to display an information with optional and non pre-ticked checkboxes to make all not necessary cookies optional for the website visitors. The only allowed cookies are really obligatory cookies for the function of a website (e.g. to make a cart usable) or cookies to save the cookie consent answer of a user.

What’s Recolize Cookie Consent?

With our cookie consent solution you configure your cookie consent layer for all obligatory and non-obligatory services which create cookies in your online shop. Recolize Cookie Consent will then avoid the storing of all the cookies which are not wanted by the website visitors. And of course you can configure the position, design, texts and links freely in our tool.

Cookie Examples

  • Usertracking Cookies
  • Personalization Cookies
  • Remarketing Cookies
  • Performance Marketing Cookies
  • Mandatory Online Shop Cookies

Cookie Consent Features

  • Choose if Pre-Ticked

    Choose per cookie consent element if the checkbox should be displayed pre-ticked.

  • Free Layer Positioning

    Display the layer where you want: on the top, bottom, right, left and as layer freely positioned e.g. in the center of the screen.

  • Individual Design

    The whole design of the cookie consent layer is freely configurable: colors, fonts, buttons etc. can be styled in your corporate identity.

  • Consent Lifetime

    Configure the lifetime of the cookie consent decisions of the online shop visitor.

  • Exclude New Services by Default

    If a new service is added to your online shop, Recolize Cookie Consent is recognizing it and excluding cookies by the service by default.

  • Service Groups

    Group different kinds of services like e.g. ad services and usertracking in the layer to make it easier for your online shop visitors to understand these services.

  • Invalidate all Consents

    If you have to update your cookie consent layer, then you can invalidate all previous consents for all previous website visitors.

  • No Maintenance Costs

    Recolize adds updates like new services automatically to the cookie consent layer without any effort on your site.

How Does It Work?

Only 1 click sounds really great. But how does it work?

You simply configure

  1. your domain in our tool, add the JavaScript snippet to your online shop,
  2. contact us with a list of your tools and cookie names
  3. and tell us which cookies are mandatory for your shop’s functionality.


  1. define colors, shapes and display type.
  2. We configure the cookie consent layer for you
  3. and it will be displayed and ready to use it in your online shop.
Cookie Consent