Flashback 2018

🙏 You Are The Best!

Thank you for such an amazing year! You’re the best customers, partners and friends one can have.

🎄 Merry Christmas and a  🍾 Happy New Year for all of you!

🔥 28 Releases

We’ve published 28 releases this year. In every 2nd week you receive new features from Recolize!

📈 5,900 Recolize Customers

We’ve now reached 5,900 Recolize customers. Thank you for all your support!

💰 4x Revenue on Black Friday

In average on Black Friday our customers generated 4x the revenue compared to a normal day. Huge!

🌍 17 Different Countries

Our customers are coming from all over the world. And this 17 different countries are only counted for the biggest customers. Overall we have customers on every continent and most countries.

🕳️ Allmighty Context Filters

With our new context filters you can use every feed attribute as context. Really endless, really almighty.

📧 Email Recommendations

By launching our Email Recommendations, our advanced capabilities of cross domain recommendations are even more extended.

🗒️ 100s of Website Contents

Recolize is more lively with hundreds published website contents: blog posts, FAQs, integration pages, case studies, releases and much more.


Recolize of course is completely GDPR-ready.

🆓 The Best Premium Service on the Market

We offer the best and most personal Premium Service on the market. Completely for free! We’ll convince you through the performance of our recommendations.

💬 Premium Chat Service

With our new extended chat you can talk to us anytime. We help you on our website and also directly in the Recolize Tool. Live!

Flashback 2018