How to Optimize Recolize Recommendations?

One of the central questions of our new customers is, how to optimize Recolize Recommendations in their daily business, to get a better performance? As Recolize offers a totally different approach compared to competitors to integrate recommendation widgets into a page, the analysis of the recommendations also differs from fixed positioned widgets.

MichaelHow to Optimize Recolize Recommendations?
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7 Reasons to Adapt Your Personalization Rules

In our post “Adaption of Personalization Rules – Pros and Cons” we‘ve mentioned the general pros and cons of adapting personalization rules. Our general recommendation is to let your personalization solution like Recolize do its job and use the personalized algorithms to suggest your products. But we totally understand, that there are occasions when an adaption is absolutely reasonable and needed. Here are 7 reasons to adapt your personalization rules.

Michael7 Reasons to Adapt Your Personalization Rules
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5 Types of Transactional Emails With Recommendations

In our last blog post we‘ve described 5 advantages of recommendations in transactional emails. In this one we give you 5 concrete examples of types of transactional emails where recommendations make sense.

Michael5 Types of Transactional Emails With Recommendations
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5 Advantages of Recommendations in Transactional Emails

Offering personalized recommendations in emails can be a great way to guide your customers back to your website. Many online shops are using this method to attract their customers after a purchase. And also at other contact points.

Find out 5 advantages of offering personalized recommendations in transactional emails.

Michael5 Advantages of Recommendations in Transactional Emails
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5 Ways How To Use Personalization Successfully

Constantly we are asked if the use of a personalization solution or Recommendation Engine makes sense at all. Background of this question mostly is half knowledge from different articles or personal contacts. Personalization was known as complex and reserved for big companies. But can you also use personalization successfully?

Michael5 Ways How To Use Personalization Successfully
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Adaption of Personalization Rules – Pros and Cons

Over and over again we get asked if an adaption of personalization rules is possible and does make sense. Especially the point of this meaningfulness is not answerable across-the-board and strongly depends on the context.

In this article you can find some reasons pro and con the adaption of personalization rules.

MichaelAdaption of Personalization Rules – Pros and Cons
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6 Christmas Online Personalization Examples

Many websites and online shops are using the Christmas time to generate huge revenues. During this time, it is very important to offer as individual offers as possible. Nowadays buyers expect to get special Christmas offers, simply because most online shops provide specials.

Here are 6 simple but very efficient examples of specific personalized Christmas sales activities, which could also make sense for your website or online shop.

Michael6 Christmas Online Personalization Examples
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5 Reasons Why The Wet Season Generates a Conversion Boost

Now, as the wet season has startet, also Christmas Time has begun. And during Christmas Time, which is normally the top-selling time of the year, people spend lots of time at home. Online shops give us the possibility to do our pre-Christmas sales from home and the wet season even encourages us to stay at home and don’t go out.

Here are the 5 most important reasons for online shop owners, why the wet season is the ideal time for additional sales and why it generates a conversion boost.

Michael5 Reasons Why The Wet Season Generates a Conversion Boost
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Coupons, Coupons, Coupons

After Black Friday and the Black Week nearly everybody has recognized that coupons have been the center of all the marketing and sales activities in online shops. They focus their sales activities normally in their cart and the customers see their discounts there after applying a coupon code.

Does it really make sense to offer new coupons weekly in e.g. newsletters? Read more in this article regarding coupons, coupons, coupons.

MichaelCoupons, Coupons, Coupons
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