Recolize Pricing Explained

A few days ago we’ve explained, why performance-based pricing of software-as-a-services has many advantages and gives you more freedom to get the most out of these services.

Recolize offers an extremely easy and transparent performance-based pricing model. As you can see on our Recolize pricing page, you pay for clicks only.

One Fixed Price For All

We offer a very simple pricing model: one and the same price for all our customers. You pay € 0.039 for every click on a recommended item (article, product, news etc.).

This is transparent and easy to understand for businesses of all sizes.

No Packages, No Feature Limitations

With our simple single click price, there are no complicated packages and there are also no feature limitations at all. No matter which size your business has, you can use the whole feature set of Recolize and don’t have to decide upfront which ones are important for you.

Endless Test and Integration Time

Every month you get 300 free clicks for your account, so we give you € 11.70 per month or € 140.40 per year completely for free!

We do this, because we want to enable you to take your time. As there’s no time limitation at all, your test and integration time is completely unlimited.

Free Usage for Very Small Businesses

With 300 free clicks per month, very small businesses can use Recolize completely for free.

No Obligations At All

There are no contract lifetimes at all. You can register by just using your email address and you don’t have to enter any payment data during the registration. After that you can use and integrate Recolize for free as long as you want to and add your payment data not until you reach your monthly free clicks limit.

Pause Anytime You Need To

You can pause your usage anytime. If there’s no budget left or you need to switch budgets because of seasonal changes, just pause Recolize for this timeframe and continue using it afterwards.

Free Integration Support

We offer you to help you with the integration. Tell us, if you need help with the design of your recommendation widgets, integrating the Recolize conversion tracking or installing one of our plugins and extensions. Or anything else.

And this service is completely for free and does not cost you anything!

Why we do this? Because we want to convince you with the performance of our recommendations. And that’s only possible, if you really try it out and see the performance in your live system. Therefore you need a perfect integration of course.

Different to most competitors, we don’t want to earn our money with high integration and support costs.

Free Premium Support

That’s why we also offer our premium support completely for free. You can really talk to us through our live chat or by phone at +49 89 1222373 20. Not only during the integration, but also afterwards.

If you need

  • a demo of Recolize features,
  • help with the configuration of recommendation rules,
  • to improve the performance of the recommendations for your business,
  • to add more recommendation widgets to your website,
  • a deep analysis of your personaliztion performance,
  • answers to any other questions

then just contact us anytime. We will do everything we can to support you.

Our contact information:
Live Chat: click here
Phone: +49 89 1222373 20

Why We Don’t Offer Conversion Based Pricing

1. Recolize is Content-Independent

With Recolize you can personalize any content. No matter if you want to recommend products, news, cms pages, images and teasers or texts. Recolize can do this for you. As only products are salable, a conversion tracking could only be used for e-commerce websites, which is much to limited for all the possibilities Recolize offers.

2. Conversion-based Pricing is More Expensive for You

In over 95 % of all cases, conversion-based pricing is more expensive than our click-based pricing. Just think of a product price range from € 50 to € 5,000 and a conversion-based price (revenue share) of 4 %, which is a common price of competitors.

For a € 50 product you then pay € 2 per conversion.
And for a € 5,000 product you then already pay € 200 per conversion!

Recolize has a conversion rate between 2 % and 20 % after clicks on recommended items. This means: 2 to 20 % buy the recommended product they have clicked.
When you take our click price of € 0.039, then for the € 2 of the first conversion you’ll get:

€ 2 / 0.039 € = 51 Clicks

With the mentioned 2 to 20 % conversion rate this will result in:

51 Clicks * 2 % = 1 Conversion

51 Clicks * 10 % = 5 Conversions

51 Clicks * 20 % = 10 Conversions

As you can see: with the same price Recolize generates at least as many sales as the conversion-based pricing. But additionally, if you perform better than 2 % conversion rate, you have the chance to get much more out of it. Let’s assume, that you reach the 10 % conversion rate, then you would pay the following with a conversion-based model taking 4 %:

5 Conversions * € 2 (€ 50 Products) = € 10

And even worse for high priced products:

5 Conversions * € 200 (€ 5,000 Products) = € 1,000

In all cases the Recolize pricing is cheaper than a conversion-based pricing. And as the pricing is not linear compared to your conversion rate, you have a real chance to overperform, which is not possible with a conversion-based pricing.

Combined with our performance guarantee you can exclude any risk at all.

How Many Clicks Will I Generate?

The clicks depend on the performance on your recommendations. The click rate on recommendations is normally between 1 to 3 %.
We assume, that 2 % of your page impressions generate a click on a recommended item.


200.000 (Page Impressions per Month) * 2 % = 4,000 Clicks

4,000 Clicks * € 0.039 = € 156

So for 200.000 page impressions per month your pricing is around € 156.

Our Performance Guarantee

To round up our pricing model and make the decision really easy for you, we offer a performance guarantee: if your performance does not meet your expectations and don’t generate at least 4 times the revenue compared to your Recolize costs (25 % Cost Revenue Relation), then in the following month we’ll add the missing difference as additional free clicks to your account.

Why we offer this? We really want to convince you through performance!

Recolize Pricing Sum-up

With our pricing model you have the freedom to start immediately, without any obligations. You don’t pay anything for our premium support and with our performance guarantee you can be sure, that your invested money will return in additional revenue.

Recolize Pricing Explained