We are live – Recolize Recommendation Engine

It’s done: after intense months full of work and the founding of the Recolize GmbH on 2015-05-21 the Recolize Recommendation Engine is available now.

We spent lots of time and creativity to make the technical integration for you as easy as possible. You’ll get a JavaScript snippet after adding a blog, CMS or shop feed url to your Recolize account, which can be integrated into your website. So you can offer personalized recommendations on your site directly after your registration and profit by all the advantages like an improved conversion rate, an increased average duration on site and higher shopping cart amounts. The first 1.500 clicks on one of the recommended items of the Recolize Recommendation Engine are completely free for you every month.
So you can test the Recolize Recommendation Engine right now without any commitments.

Profit by our blindingly easy usability without any technical knowledge and use a whole bunch of real-time reports with root cause analyses and recommended actions. That’s why our personalized recommendations can be easily understood by product managers and editors, who are able to configure their recommendations to fit into their business needs.

Register now for free and start within just a few minutes with personalized product and article recommendations for your customers and visitors.
Our Recommendation Engine can be used for all kinds of websites: CMS, WordPress blogs or shop systems like Magento.

We’re looking forward to you!

We are live – Recolize Recommendation Engine