2 Exciting Years – Time to Celebrate

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Currently, we are celebrating our second birthday. For this, we had a short review what we have achieved and experienced.
Read here about two years of Recolize:


Recolize is born and the first customers are using our Recolize Recommendation Engine.

In Summer 2015 we launched our first version of our Recolize Magento Extension. Now it has already 417 popularity score. And currently, we are working on a version that works for Magento 2.0. Find more information or download or Magento Extension here.

Recolize launched personalized recommendations for your blog – the Recolize WordPress Plugin.


We’ve worked hard in 2015 to provide many new features:

  • New widget types: top sellers and last viewed
  • Totally flexible CSS customizing of recommendation widgets without any IT
  • Exclusion of doubled recommendations
  • Context filters for customer attributes like age, gender, customer group
  • Cross-domain usage of recommendations on domains and subdomains for e.g. shop and blog

HALLHUBER, an international Magento Enterprise shop for ready-to-wear articles, uses personalized product recommendations by Recolize. Please find more information in our case study.

We won the award “Best of IT Innovationspreis” the second time.

And we delivered our brand-new Recolize Dashboard which analyzes clicks, conversions, and revenue of your recommendations in real-time. For each of these key performance indicators, you can now see the historical characteristics as well as the percentage share in comparison to all URLs. Additionally, we have improved our top and flop URL lists that give you a quick overview of the best or worst performing recommendation URLs on your website. And the best of it: every dashboard widget can be filtered through a flexible time range filter that has presets e.g. for today, last week, last month as well as the domain filter to see the overall performance of all your configured domains or just single ones.

We´ve launched our Recolize Shopify App so that you can make your Shopify store unique with our plug’n’play recommendations, bestsellers and last viewed items.


We strengthen our team with new sales professionals.

Our Recolize WordPress Plugin now also perfectly supports your WooComerce online shop.

And now we are growing continuously. Today more than 400 customers are using Recolize already and the numbers are growing every day.

Thank you very much!

Anja2 Exciting Years – Time to Celebrate
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Recolize Emerges on the Australian Market through a Partnership with Magenable

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With our new partner Magenable we want to capture the Australian market and provide our novel Recolize Recommendation Engine to all Australian online shops and websites.

The partnership enables us to easily integrate our Recommendation Engine for customers at the other end of the world. Magenable helps us to provide one of our main goals in Down Under: an easy, perfect and fast integration within minutes.

Magenable is the Australian Partner Supporting us with our Plans

Magenable is the Australian Magento Ecommerce Consulting company based in Melbourne. With their razor-sharp focus on Magento they can really focus on the specific need of online store customers in Australia.

Magenable Is Special

  • Blended delivery model
  • Lean management structure
  • Boutique consultancy approach
  • Razor-sharp focus on Magento

With all their know-how Magenable cuts development costs up to 40% in comparison with other development agencies. A partnership between Recolize and Magenable is the logical consequence and we hope to satisfy lots of common Australian customers in future.

Find more information regarding Magenable on their official website.

Contact Us

You are an Australian Magento merchant and eager to integrate the Recolize Recommendation Engine into your shop or you need further Magento services? Please contact us.

MichaelRecolize Emerges on the Australian Market through a Partnership with Magenable
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Recolize wishes Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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How do you spend your Christmas time?

We will spend the holiday season with our families and relax for a few days to recharge our batteries. We’ve planned a lot for next year and are looking forward to all the new challenges.

But this year also happened a lot and so we look back to an exciting year 2015.

We started with new drive in January, lots of discussions and innovative ideas. Our goal was to systematically enhance our BESUGRE Recommendation Engine for Magento shops to fit the challenges of the market. So we developed a Recommendation Engine which can be configured based on URLs and integrated into e-commerce shops and editorial sites with a few clicks. To enable a continuous development we now offer a Software-as-a-Service solution.

Next to all technical enhancements we also created a new brand. We love to think back to our naming workshop in February. After some creative sessions and lots of research we found a perfect name with Recolize, a coinage of Recommendation and Personalization. With the support of Alexandra Bosen we also created a new logo. And we are so proud of our mascot – our Recobot!

Midyear we finally did it: after several meetings with lawyers and tax accountants, countless strategical plannings and discussions we founded our Recolize GmbH on the 21st of May 2015 at the notary.

And then it was accomplished. After intense testings and test runs we successfully launched the Recolize Recommendation Engine on the 26th of June 2015. Followed by a Magento extension in August and a WordPress plugin in September.

Now the work finally only started. With Rabe Bike we gained our first larger customer already in July. Our CEOs presented our product at the Swiss Meet Magento and we sponsored the World Usability Day in Munich. Additionally we closed several cooperations e.g. with Searchanise, who integrated Recolize successfully into their search engine.

We are really glad about all customers and partners who decided to use our product in 2015 and wish all of you Merry Chrismas and a Happy New Year.

Your Recolize Team
Anja, Christoph and Michael

AnjaRecolize wishes Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
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Show more with the Recolize Carousel

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The recommendations generated by our Recolize Recommendation Engine are delivered in the form of a carousel by default:
Recolize Karussell

A carousel is a component that contains a list of elements (preferably images) that can either be horizontally or vertically displayed. The navigation works in both directions (left-right or top-down) and may additionally be created with or without an animation, e.g. a blending effect.

(Source (German))

The carousel is nowadays used on a variety of websites as preferred display format (e.g. the Facebook Carousel)

Which benefits does the Recolize article carousel offer?

  • Content-independent
    The carousel can be filled with arbitrary content like text, images or videos.

  • Arbitrary number of articles
    Because of its efficient space usage the carousel is perfectly suited for little and large amounts of articles and in any case uses only as much space as available.

  • Responsive
    The carousel adapts to any output device. The number of simultaneously shown articles can be configured individually for every screen resolution.

  • Position freely
    It doesn’t matter if you want to place the carousel in the main content stage or in a page sidebar, in the header or in the footer – it always integrates perfectly independent of the position into the available space.

  • Smart navigation
    Besides the standard navigation arrows one can also use the swipe functionality which is well-known from the daily smartphone usage. It offers a very easy, intuitive and haptically appealing style of switching the recommended articles.

What do you have to consider when using the article carousel?

Of course when using the carousel you have to take care to present the information to the user in a clear and straightforward way. It is therefore recommended to keep the number of shown articles within the carousel below 20.
Additionally you should avoid extensive sliding effects and automatic page switching so that the visitor is not distracted or confused.

The Recolize carousel focuses on minimal effects and limits the number of recommended articles to 10.

Within one of the next blog posts we will show you which further flexible ways of presenting your recommendations are possible with the Recolize Recommendation Engine.

ChrisShow more with the Recolize Carousel
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10 ways to optimize your conversion rate with personalized recommendations – part 3

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In the first and second part of this series we showed how you keep your customers browsing on your website and inspire them to purchase more.

Personalization is not alike personalization. With the following tips you make your website more unique and improve the customer journey with personalized recommendations even on otherwise static pages.

5. Personalize everywhere or “Don’t just use all the well known places”

Personalized recommendations, especially in shops, normally appear on product detail pages, at the end of category product lists and in the cart. But why don’t also think about other places to integrate your recommendations? Think of blog posts containing recommendations with your shop products to bring the readers back to your shop. Or also static landing pages in e.g. a newsletter archive or on an AdWords campaign landing page. And how about integrating recommendations into your service pages or FAQs?

6. Bring back customers to convert from static pages

How great would it be to bring back customers from boring static pages to your conversion pages with personalized recommendations? This is possible!
Integrate the recommendations e.g. in your help area. Help texts are often highly SEO relevant because of their uniqueness and therefore also visited frequently. Real personalized recommendations on these pages, which change very rarely, always fit the taste of the visitor and are heavily relevant for him. And with the integration of e.g. a recommendation carousel in the left or right column of these static pages you guide back the customers nearly automatically.

Michael10 ways to optimize your conversion rate with personalized recommendations – part 3
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Improve the conversion of your search results with Searchanise and Recolize

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An outstanding search is by no means self-evident in the e-commerce space. How often does it happen that you cannot find the right products via the shop search because of mistyping the search term or static pages like the FAQs are not searched automatically.
This is exactly the point where Searchanise comes into play and replaces the default Magento and Shopify search algorithms with a completely novel product search.
Searchanise offers mistype correction, a product preview, promotion tools and extensive analytics possibilities. Moreover it is completely free of charge up to 25 products.

The Searchanise Instant Search Widget gets even better with the integration of personalized product recommendations, e.g. based on the entered search term.
The following tutorial shows how easy the Recolize Recommendation Engine can be integrated into the Instant Search Widget of Searchanise, based on the e-commerce software Magento:

1. Installation of the Searchanise Magento extension

The Searchanise Magento extension can easily be installed on Magento Connect or via the Magento extension key

2. Integration of the recommendations

Afterwards open the Searchanise tool in the Magento backend under Catalog » Searchanise. There the following code has to be added under the menu point Catalog » Searchanise » Instant search widget » Custom HTML:

<div class="recolizeSearchaniseInstantSearchWidget"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
if (typeof Recolize != "undefined") {

Searchanise Recolize Code

Afterwards click on the “Apply Changes” button.

3. Et voilà!

Now the Recolize recommendations are already integrated into the Instant Search Widget:
Searchanise Instant Search Widget with Recolize

We will show you all the benefits you have as a merchant with the integration of both services in the next blog post.

ChrisImprove the conversion of your search results with Searchanise and Recolize
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10 ways to optimize your conversion rate with personalized recommendations – part 2

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In the first part of the series we showed how you keep your customers browsing on your website and how to present the best offers. In this part your customers gain inspiration through completely individualized product lists and we integrate the supermarket checkout shelves into your online-shop.

3. Inspiration for your customers with completely personalized product lists

Customers often don’t know what to buy in your shop. They browse through the different categories and search for furnishing ideas for their apartment, an accessory for their bike or a fancy present for a relative.
For this purpose you can find categories like “Inspiration”, “Your Zalando”, “Your Feed” or “My Recommendations” in more and more online shops. These feeds are created in a few minutes and thanks to self-learning recommendation algorithms you don’t have to care about them manually.

An individualized product list in your shop could for example look like this:
Personal recommendation product list

Industry giants like Amazon or Zalando showed how it works and thanks to a software as a service Recommendation Engine personalized feeds can be integrated into small shops in minutes.

4. Create incentives for accessories – much better than the supermarket checkout

Everybody knows this situation: you’re waiting at the supermarket checkout and stare at the many little things like chewing gums, batteries, cigarettes or sweets – and finally you decide to take something along.
You as a merchant should also use this psychological effect in your online shop: offer accessories for the products in your cart.
And the best is that you can provide perfectly individualized products and accessories tailored for your customers and their carts and increase your average order value. Much better than the supermarket checkout.

Chris10 ways to optimize your conversion rate with personalized recommendations – part 2
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10 ways to optimize your conversion rate with personalized recommendations – part 1


With this new blog series we show you 10 ways to optimize your conversion rate with personalized recommendations.

In the first part of the series we start with two simple points. Or aren’t they that simple?

1. Make your visitors feel comfortable or how you keep the customers on your website

No matter if the visitors of your website are completely new or recurring customers. You have to attract them and make them browse through your offers to make them stay on your website as long as possible. To make your site more interesting to your visitors, personalized recommendations can be a great little helper to give the customer a more personal feeling and so encourage him to browse. This increases the average time on your site and therefore the conversions with more clicks on ad-based pages and more sales in an online-shop.

2. Personalized at first or “My customers expect great offers”

“My customers expect great offers”. Of course they do. And that’s what they get on all commercial websites worldwide. But what does “great offers” mean? It’s not only a matter of the best price, the best contents or the uniqueness. It’s also a matter of offering the right things at the right time.
Just try to offer personalized recommendations at first e.g. on a newsletter landingpage and analyze the results. Mostly the personalized recommendations will be clicked more and even convert better for most of your visitors. You can even do A/B testings to prove this with two versions of your landingpage with the same newsletter group.
We made the experience that this point is not so easy especially for larger customers, because of the argument that they know what their customers want. That’s a hard point to argue about. But you should give it a try and let the real personalization convince you with better conversion results.

In part 2 of this series we show how positive completely personalized pages can be for your conversion rate.

Michael10 ways to optimize your conversion rate with personalized recommendations – part 1
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Recolize Quick Start Guide

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It’s really very easy to integrate personalized recommendations with Recolize. With our 2 click integration every website, blog and online shop – no matter which size – can start within minutes. The following quick start guide shows you how easy it is.

1. Register without any obligations or payment data with just your email address

Just visit our registration page here and you can start immediately.
Recolize - register now

2. Add your domain in the Recolize tool

Just enter your domain name and the url to your blog’s RSS feed, your online shop’s product export or e.g. a Google product feed, and copy the displayed JavaScript snippet to your website.
Recolize add domain

3. Add the JavaScript snippet to your website

Just add the generated JavaScript snippet to your website and you are already completely set up and your recommendations will be displayed.
If you use Magento, you can download our Magento extension here.
You are using WordPress? Then download our WordPress Plugin here for an easy integration.

MichaelRecolize Quick Start Guide
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How to create even more personalized recommendations with Recolize

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With our Recolize Recommendation Engine you can integrate personalized recommendations into your shop or website with 2 simple clicks – and use it totally free of charge up to 1.500 clicks each month.

The recommendations generated by Recolize can be directly embedded into your site and shown immediately.
The default algorithm calculates the perfect recommendations for your customers for different page types. Furthermore we offer the possibility to adapt the recommended articles or products according to the needs of the merchant through individual filter rules:

Now let’s have a look at three filter samples from the E-Commerce space which are used by our customers:

  • Immediately deliverable
    This example is based on Magento and filters by deliverable products, i.e. products that are currently in stock. This is by far one of the most used filters by our Recolize customers as their customer can purchase the recommended products immediately.

  • Product recommendations for the current category
    This filter setting lends itself to e.g. the category page or the product listings to use the chosen category of the customer also for the generated recommendations.

  • Upselling
    With this filter sample for the product detail page only product recommendations with a higher price than the current product will be calculated.

Of course all these filters can be combined and interleaved with each other – there are no boundaries to your creativity.
In case you need any help with the configuration of the Recolize filter rules, please contact us at

ChrisHow to create even more personalized recommendations with Recolize
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