Product Labels

Easily activate product labels for product lists, product pages and everywhere else where products are displayed – with only 1 click. The product labels can also be configured in shape, color, text and type. Add as many product labels as you want to and easily define rules like “display only for products in sale”.

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Easily add a USP Bar to your online shop pages. Configure it differently categories, custom URLs or page types like product pages or the cart page. With only 1 click.
The Texts, colors, shapes and the whole styling is freely configurable.

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Previous Next Buttons for Product Pages

Easily add Previous and Next Buttons to your online shop product pages. With only 1 click. When the user clicks on a product on a category page or from the search, he can navigate to the previous or next product from the last product list by clicking on these buttons on the product page.
The colors, shapes, position and the whole styling is freely configurable.

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