What’s Recolize?

Recolize is a Software-as-a-Service generating personalized product recommendations exclusively for your shop. With our recommendation engine you profit by our user-oriented usability concept, actual Reports and a Customer Intelligence Module.

  • System independent: works for all blogs, CMS and shop systems (e.g. WordPress, Magento, Drupal etc.)
  • Blindingly easy usability without any technical knowledge because of URL-Based Configuration
  • Quick installation: your recommendations are ready within 10 minutes after registration
  • Actual Reports with root cause analyses and recommended actions

Base Features

Extensive Recommendation Types:

  • User-to-user (“Customers who bought this also bought”)
  • Item-to-item (“Other products like this”)
  • Top items (“Products which generated to most sales”)

Display Types for your Website

  • Your recommendations will be displayed as responsive carousel
  • Fitting for every layout (1-, 2-, 3-column layouts etc.)
  • Responsive carousels applicable for all mobile devices and easily usable with swipe gestures

Flexible Configuration of your Recommendations with Extensive Filter Configuration Options

Use all the advantages of the direct integration of Recolize into your online shop and benefit from the more advanced configuration options compared to existing models

Configure your Recommendations for:

  • Specifically your customers and audience
  • Special campaigns targeted to traffic sources or different marketing channels
  • Selected products, categories or special URLs

Improve your Filters

  • Refinement of your filters by combining filters with different relations (e.g. price larger than 10.00 and category is shoes)
  • “AND” and “OR” relations of combined filters

Flexible Definition of the Application Areas of your Recommendations Based on URLs

  • Product or category based recommendations
  • Specific recommendations in the cart or checkout
  • Special recommendations on your home page
  • Campaign based recommendations e.g. for Google Analytics or AdWords
  • Shop based recommendations (e.g. for different store views)

Extensive Filter Criteria

  • Context filter user/customer/target audience
  • Context filter campaign/traffic source/requesting channel
  • Context filter currently chosen product
  • Context filter currently chosen category
  • Context filter current URL

Customer Intelligence with live reports and recommended actions

Benefit from our cutting-edge Customer Intelligence Module which at any time demonstrates the payoff of your personalized recommendations

Our Customer Intelligence Module Offers you:

  • A quick overview of your recommendations with the help of key facts – in real-time
  • Clearly presented live listings with top and flop recommendations evaluated on the basis of their revenue shares
  • Intelligent alerts which show important positive and negative changes just in time

Detailed Analysis for Every URL

  • Regular messages with recommended actions for optimizing your recommendations
  • Key facts which sum up the success of your recommendations
  • Recommended actions for the optimization and improvement of the conversion rate
  • Forecast how the realization of the recommended actions could positively affect your recommendations

Live Reporting and Analysis for a Selectable Time Frame

  • Overview of the Top 10 and Flop 10 recommendations in realtime
  • Analysis of the revenue share of your recommendations compared to the total revenue
  • Analysis of the revenue share of your recommendations compared to your top recommendations
  • Url-Based detail reporting
  • Revenue share of this URL
  • Top 10 products which generate the most revenue

Optimize your conversion rate based on a list of recommended actions and directly monitor the impacts of your variations to the success of your recommendations.

High Flexibility to Optimize your Conversion

Profit by the various applications of Recolize and configure your recommendations with different goals.

Increase your Revenue by:

  • Recommendations of products which fit to the currently selected product for generating additional sales
  • Offering upselling products with higher prices compared to the selected product
  • Recommendations based on your customer data for proposing products which were already bought by other customers

Test which configuration works best for your shop and win by combining different kinds of recommendations.

URL-Based Configuration

Benefit from our unique solution which enables the configuration of recommendations based on your existing URLs.

The usage of URLs provides you with:

  • Rapid creation of personalized recommendations for arbitrary pages in your online shop
  • Easy assignment of the recommendations to your marketing campaigns (e.g. for Google AdWords)
  • Transparent analysis based on your URLs and therefore a fast optimization of the recommendations via an intuitive user interface

Instantly start with the configuration of your recommendations without any initial hurdles.