2 Exciting Years – Time to Celebrate

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Currently, we are celebrating our second birthday. For this, we had a short review what we have achieved and experienced.
Read here about two years of Recolize:


Recolize is born and the first customers are using our Recolize Recommendation Engine.

In Summer 2015 we launched our first version of our Recolize Magento Extension. Now it has already 417 popularity score. And currently, we are working on a version that works for Magento 2.0. Find more information or download or Magento Extension here.

Recolize launched personalized recommendations for your blog – the Recolize WordPress Plugin.


We’ve worked hard in 2015 to provide many new features:

  • New widget types: top sellers and last viewed
  • Totally flexible CSS customizing of recommendation widgets without any IT
  • Exclusion of doubled recommendations
  • Context filters for customer attributes like age, gender, customer group
  • Cross-domain usage of recommendations on domains and subdomains for e.g. shop and blog

HALLHUBER, an international Magento Enterprise shop for ready-to-wear articles, uses personalized product recommendations by Recolize. Please find more information in our case study.

We won the award “Best of IT Innovationspreis” the second time.

And we delivered our brand-new Recolize Dashboard which analyzes clicks, conversions, and revenue of your recommendations in real-time. For each of these key performance indicators, you can now see the historical characteristics as well as the percentage share in comparison to all URLs. Additionally, we have improved our top and flop URL lists that give you a quick overview of the best or worst performing recommendation URLs on your website. And the best of it: every dashboard widget can be filtered through a flexible time range filter that has presets e.g. for today, last week, last month as well as the domain filter to see the overall performance of all your configured domains or just single ones.

We´ve launched our Recolize Shopify App so that you can make your Shopify store unique with our plug’n’play recommendations, bestsellers and last viewed items.


We strengthen our team with new sales professionals.

Our Recolize WordPress Plugin now also perfectly supports your WooComerce online shop.

And now we are growing continuously. Today more than 400 customers are using Recolize already and the numbers are growing every day.

Thank you very much!

Anja2 Exciting Years – Time to Celebrate
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Recolize Emerges on the Australian Market through a Partnership with Magenable

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With our new partner Magenable we want to capture the Australian market and provide our novel Recolize Recommendation Engine to all Australian online shops and websites.

The partnership enables us to easily integrate our Recommendation Engine for customers at the other end of the world. Magenable helps us to provide one of our main goals in Down Under: an easy, perfect and fast integration within minutes.

Magenable is the Australian Partner Supporting us with our Plans

Magenable is the Australian Magento Ecommerce Consulting company based in Melbourne. With their razor-sharp focus on Magento they can really focus on the specific need of online store customers in Australia.

Magenable Is Special

  • Blended delivery model
  • Lean management structure
  • Boutique consultancy approach
  • Razor-sharp focus on Magento

With all their know-how Magenable cuts development costs up to 40% in comparison with other development agencies. A partnership between Recolize and Magenable is the logical consequence and we hope to satisfy lots of common Australian customers in future.

Find more information regarding Magenable on their official website.

Contact Us

You are an Australian Magento merchant and eager to integrate the Recolize Recommendation Engine into your shop or you need further Magento services? Please contact us.

MichaelRecolize Emerges on the Australian Market through a Partnership with Magenable
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