Personalized Recommendations with Recolize – an Interview to the Product Strategy

Right now we offer a new SaaS solution for personalized recommendations for online shops, CMS and blogs with our Recolize Recommendation Engine. The new product is a targeted expansion of the BESUGRE Recommendation extension for Magento. What’s behind the new solution and why is this expansion the logical step in the product strategy? These questions are answered by the founders Michael Stork and Christoph Maßmann in the following interview.

Why was the previous Recommendation Engine for Magento with a one time price expanded to an SaaS solution?

Michael Stork: We want to react with the biggest possible flexibility to the needs of our customers and achieve continuous further development. Every website shall have the possibility to offer personalized recommendations. The SaaS model gives us the possibility to react instantly to market changes and to improve ourselves constantly. Thereof profit all our customers.

Christoph Maßmann: We want to open further and currently develop an API for developers. We’re looking forward to the feedback of the community and new application areas.

Which kinds of websites can use the Recolize Recommendation Engine?

Christoph Maßmann: The new service is flexibly usable for websites of any kind and in all current shop systems like e.g. Magento, Shopware, OXID and also on editorial websites like e.g. WordPress Blogs, Drupal or Typo3.

How much does Recolize cost?

Michael Stork: We want that all websites profit by our service, especially also those of small and medium-sized companies. That’s why we worked out a pricing model which is free for the start and based on the actual usage and success of the recommendations.

Christoph Maßmann: To make billing really easy and transparent, our pricing model is leaned on the ad marketing business and based on clicks. Only the actually clicked recommendations are billed and the first 1.500 clicks are free every month for all customers.

How complex is the integration of Recolize on our website?

Christoph Maßmann: It’s important for us, that our customers can start immediately to gain experience with the usage of personalized recommendations. Therefore the integration on the website is done with a simple JavaScript code. No developers or huge project setups are needed for this task.

Michael Stork: Thanks to the fast integration of existing feeds like e.g. RSS or the Google Product feed, the personalized recommendations are instantly generated and displayed on your website. For Magento shop owners we also offer a free extension which makes an integration possible in minutes. To the Recolize Magento Extension.

Personalized Recommendations with Recolize – an Interview to the Product Strategy