5 Reasons Why The Wet Season Generates a Conversion Boost

Now, as the wet season has startet, also Christmas Time has begun. And during Christmas Time, which is normally the top-selling time of the year, people spend lots of time at home. Online shops give us the possibility to do our pre-Christmas sales from home and the wet season even encourages us to stay at home and don’t go out.

Here are the 5 most important reasons for online shop owners, why the wet season is the ideal time for additional sales and why it generates a conversion boost.

Reason 1: People Spend More Time At Home

What Sundays with bad weather are for online shop owners – the top-selling day of a week – in wintertime nearly all days respectively all knocking-off times are exactly that. Generally people spend more time in front of the screens of their notebooks or smartphones when it is cold and dark outside.

Reason 2: It’s More Comfortable to Shop From the Couch

Especially in the wet pre-Christmas season we spend more time at home with our loved ones. Nobody likes going into the city for shopping, when it is already totally crowed during the pre-Christimas time. And furthermore it is even cold and wet outside. That’s why many people prefer to shop their Christimas gifts from the couch.

This is a great possibility for online shops to practice that fact and to sell more with additional sales activities.

Reason 3: More Money is Spent on Cold Days

It may sound completely logical: more time behind the screens on cold days generate more revenue. But online shop owners must be aware of this actually very obvious fact. Especially during these days or timeframes it is extremely important to work very focused on this target group.


  • Special offers for the winter weather
  • More discount for rainy days
  • Be responsive to the current weather like storms and profit by it
  • Win, when after bad weather the sun is smiling again

The weather influences our emotions and therefore also our spontaneous buying decisions. And if a the next bad weather time has already been announced, then you can work with that information already and try to sell more.

Reason 4: Less Communication, More Shopping

The wet season mostly brings bad weather and many people therefore also have bad mood. This necessarily results to a minimum of communication with the partner, friends or relatives. Especially the switch of communication into digital channels again results in more communication over chats or social networks, and therefore you also see more product advertising. In the end this point causes more people spending even more time behind screens, surfing more online shops and then also generating more revenue.

Reason 5: Boredom

On bad weather days we don’t can or want to leave our homes and therefore we’re bored quickly. There are countless possibilites to come over this boredom, but many people tend to just use their smartphones. We browse, chat, surf, check our Facebook status. And within all these occasions we get in touch with online shops. A huge amount of our free time during these days is spent behind smartphone screens. A perfect opportunity for online shop owners to generate additional conversions.

Use This Great Opportunity as an Online Shop Owner

Not every online shop owner has the possibility to react to weather changes in the wet season. Maybe this is not new to you, that it is possible for you to generate additional revenue during this time. But it is indeed a great possibility you should use. And maybe also an occasion to differentiate compared to your competitors.

All above mentioned reasons have one common bottom line: the wet season entraps us to spend more time behind our screens. We waste our time with our smartphone. And in contrast to hot summer days, when we tend to go out, this additional screen time is a money-spinner for online shop owners.

5 Reasons Why The Wet Season Generates a Conversion Boost