Adaption of Personalization Rules – Pros and Cons

Over and over again we get asked if an adaption of personalization rules is possible and does make sense. Especially the point of this meaningfulness is not answerable across-the-board and strongly depends on the context.

In this article you can find some reasons pro and con the adaption of personalization rules.

MichaelAdaption of Personalization Rules – Pros and Cons
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9 Advantages of Performance-Based Pricing

Most software as a service (SaaS) solutions for businesses offer fixed monthly packages. Based on seats, logins or reduced feature sets, you have to decide upfront which package you choose for a long time. No matter which size your business has: this is nearly impossible in all cases. You’ll always have some trade-offs with subscription based SaaS models.

On the contrary are performance-based pricing models. In the following you find 9 advantages of non-subscription but performance-based software as a service pricing models.

Michael9 Advantages of Performance-Based Pricing
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