10 ways to optimize your conversion rate with personalized recommendations – part 1

With this new blog series we show you 10 ways to optimize your conversion rate with personalized recommendations.

In the first part of the series we start with two simple points. Or aren’t they that simple?

1. Make your visitors feel comfortable or how you keep the customers on your website

No matter if the visitors of your website are completely new or recurring customers. You have to attract them and make them browse through your offers to make them stay on your website as long as possible. To make your site more interesting to your visitors, personalized recommendations can be a great little helper to give the customer a more personal feeling and so encourage him to browse. This increases the average time on your site and therefore the conversions with more clicks on ad-based pages and more sales in an online-shop.

2. Personalized at first or “My customers expect great offers”

“My customers expect great offers”. Of course they do. And that’s what they get on all commercial websites worldwide. But what does “great offers” mean? It’s not only a matter of the best price, the best contents or the uniqueness. It’s also a matter of offering the right things at the right time.
Just try to offer personalized recommendations at first e.g. on a newsletter landingpage and analyze the results. Mostly the personalized recommendations will be clicked more and even convert better for most of your visitors. You can even do A/B testings to prove this with two versions of your landingpage with the same newsletter group.
We made the experience that this point is not so easy especially for larger customers, because of the argument that they know what their customers want. That’s a hard point to argue about. But you should give it a try and let the real personalization convince you with better conversion results.

In part 2 of this series we show how positive completely personalized pages can be for your conversion rate.

10 ways to optimize your conversion rate with personalized recommendations – part 1


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