HALLHUBER wins 2. Place at the Shop Usability Award

Our customer HALLHUBER relaunched its online shop in February and moved from Magento 1 to Magento 2. With this switch a beautiful new design and usability concept was implemented.

Directly after the relaunch HALLHUBER participated in the german Shop Usability Award and won the 2nd place. We are very proud to be part of this award-winning new shop and we’ve implemented a completely individual design for the online shop based on their amazing new concept. In the screenshots above and blow you can see the Recolize integration on the home and on a product page.

Recolize on a Product Page of HALLHUBERCongratulations to HALLHUBER and thank you for your support.

What Does Recolize Do for HALLHUBER?

Recolize optimizes the onsite traffic of the online shop. With our recommendation widgets integrated into every important shop page, the shop increases its conversion rate and average order value drastically. Recolize is integrated into the following pages:

  • Home
  • Product pages
  • Cart
  • Wishlist
  • Mobile cart layer
  • Search results
  • Checkout success
  • 404 pages

On the product page, the search result page and on 404 pages our customer decided to use more than one recommendation widget to reach a perfect customer journey through their online shop. Offering the possibility of a browsing history with last viewed products is also a feature of Recolize they are using on these pages, just as automated cross-sells next to manual cross sells on product pages.

What are the Results of the Recolize Integration?

After some months with the updated Recolize integration in the new online shop, the KPIs of the integration are amazing. Over 25 % of all the customers are actively clicking on a recommended product by Recolize before buying something. This number increased around 10 % after the relaunch thanks to our flexible integration into the new design. Furthermore 7 Recolize domains for all countries and languages are used and in one month now already over 4.5 million recommendation widgets are offered to the customers.
In the updated HALLHUBER case study you can now also find all the great results Recolize generates for HALLHUBER.

HALLHUBER wins 2. Place at the Shop Usability Award