How to Optimize Recolize Recommendations?

One of the central questions of our new customers is, how to optimize Recolize Recommendations in their daily business, to get a better performance? As Recolize offers a totally different approach compared to competitors to integrate recommendation widgets into a page, the analysis of the recommendations also differs from fixed positioned widgets.

MichaelHow to Optimize Recolize Recommendations?
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How to Correctly Evaluate Magento Extensions?

The Magento Marketplace consists of thousands of individual extensions from lots of different vendors for all kinds of use cases. This blog post discusses the topic of how to correctly evaluate Magento Extensions regarding their quality.

Each of these steps is meant to be executed sequentially and the extension should not be used if one of the steps cannot be finished successfully.

ChrisHow to Correctly Evaluate Magento Extensions?
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How To Integrate Recolize With Google Tag Manager?

One of the key features of Recolize is flexibility:

  • System independent: no matter if Magento 1, Magento 2, Drupal, TYPO3, WordPress, PrestaShop, Shopify or custom website. Visit also our integrations page for more information.
  • Content independent: no matter if products, blog articles, CMS pages or news.
  • Display everywhere: display as many widgets as you want to on every page you can think of. Easily configurable in the Recolize Tool.

For some systems we have standard plugins. But Recolize is also extremely easy integrable with Google Tag Manager.

  Of course you can use this integration guide also for a direct integration into your website or into other tag managers.

MichaelHow To Integrate Recolize With Google Tag Manager?
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